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 GNSS Deformation Monitoring Applications


Dam Deformation Monitoring

  Precision Monitoring of Mactaquac Generating Station (Canada, 2010-2012)

  Autonomous, Precision GNSS Monitoring of Shuibuya Dam (China, 2013)

Building Deformation Monitoring

  Building Deformation Monitoring using the UNB IGS Station (Canada, 2012-present)

Levee Health Monitoring

  Multiscale Monitoring and Health Assessment Framework for Effective Management of Levees and Flood-Control Infrastructure Systems (US, 2010-2011)

Short-Term Displacement Detection

  Short-Term Displacement Detection Using Translation Stage (Canada, 2012)

  Detection of Sudden Displacement due to Slot Cuts at Mactaquac Generating Station (Canada, 2012) 

Global Network Deformation Monitoring

  Remote Performance Evaluation of Javad Receivers (US, 2010-2011)

  Remote Performance Evaluation of Deformation Monitoring System  (China, 2012)

  Real-Time, Canadian Active Control System (CACS) Stations Monitoring  (Canada, 2013)




GNSS Machine Guidance and Control Applications



  Precision Auto-Steering of Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (US, 2009-2010)

  GNSS RTK-Based RTG Crane Auto-Steering System (South Korea, 2002-2003)


  INS-aided GNSS RTK System for Automatic Ground Vehicle (South Korea, 2006)

  GNSS RTK-Based Robotic Lawnmower (US, 2007-2008)

Attitude Determination

  GNSS Attitude, Positioning, and Profiling Experiment for the Enhanced Polar Outflow Probe Platform on the Canadian CASSIOPE Satellite (Canada, 2006-2008)



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