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Our world is constantly changing. Aging infrastructure, new construction and a changing climate directly impact our lives. Smart decisions can be made about the impact of these phenomenons when we have the right information. Gemini Navsoft Technologies’ (GNT) mmVu® GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Monitoring System is a powerful tool for providing this information.


Several technologies are used to monitor the deformation behaviour of civil structures and natural features including crackmeters, fibre optic sensors, borehole extensometers, tape extensometers, 4-pin gauges, strain gauges, plumblines, stress cells, joint meters, inverted pendulums, etc. Due to the large amount of time required to perform manual readings of some instrumentation and the expenses associated with installing such technology as the inverted pendulum, low cost automated systems that can achieve high accuracy are favored when implementing new technology.


mmVu® GNSS Monitoring System is a low cost automated systems that provides high precision, 3D positions in real time for deformation monitoring applications. It has been designed for monitoring "semi-static" civil or earthen structures that are considered to be stable. Due to physical occurrences, however, these structures normally illustrate small movements. By continuously monitoring the state of the structure, an awareness of abnormal conditions can be obtained.


GNT offers proprietary mmVu® software and hardware system to deliver the highest accuracy and integrity of positioning solutions for various deformation monitoring applications.




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