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Precision Monitoring of Mactaquac Generating Station


Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada (2010-2011)


Detection of mm level displacements of main intake and diversion


2 reference stations, 4 monitored stations


Local WiFi and global Internet network


Swelling of concrete due to Alkaline Aggregate Reaction  and thermal effects cause the main intake and diversion structures to move  several mm over the course of a year. GNSS has been implemented to complement  existing instrumentation for monitoring structural deformation. The main challenge as this site is obstruction of satellite observations due to surrounding infrastructure. GNT’s mmVu® deformation monitoring software provides mm-level, 3D positions in real-time, 24/7.


Main Intake Station Reference Station with Diversion in Background Diversion Station




GNSS Monitoring Network with Communications Infrastructure at the Mactaquac dam



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Mataquac Project



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