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In an automated system, a Logic Controller is usually the central part of a process control system. With execution of a program stored in program memory, the Logic Controller continuously monitors the status of the system through signals from input devices. Based on the logic implemented in the program, the Logic Controller determines which actions the output devices need to execute. Gemini Navsoft Technologies’ SteerVu™ GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Autosteering System is an efficient tool for improving the productivity and operational safety of the machine or vehicle.


Several technologies for identifying the machine track (e.g., line mark) – such as the induction-loop, transponders, and charge-coupled device (CCD) cameras – have been adopted for autosteering systems. Although these technologies have been employed successfully, there is a growing concern that they may not provide the greatest possible system reliability and economic efficiency. Induction-loop and transponder systems have a limited effective range of about a few 10s centimeters. If a machine exceeds this range for some reason, there is no way to get it back on track easily. Furthermore, these systems require frequent maintenance. CCD systems are highly dependent on environmental factors (such as surface reflection and line mark condition) which cannot be overcome completely by the system’s hardware and software. Also, CCD systems suffer the same limited range problem as the induction-loop and transponder systems and both the CCD hardware subsystem and the line marks require continuous maintenance to guarantee the performance of the autosteering system.


The SteerVu™ GNSS Autosteering System is independent of environmental factors because it is based on an electronic map with virtual lines instead of physical line marks in the site. GNSS receiver precisely locates the machine on the map and the autosteering system then feeds the calculated deviations of the front and rear wheels into the Logic Controller so that it can adjust the speed of the left and right wheels to keep the machine or vehicle on track.


SteerVu™ software system is comprised of SteerVu™ Base and Rover for real-time processing. SteerVu™ Integrity Monitoring System oversees the performance of SteerVu™ to maximize uptime of the SteerVu™ GNSS Autosteering System. As each sub-system runs independently, it can be configured on either a single hardware platform or multiple server computers. According to users’ requirements, system configuration can be optimized.




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